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Are you looking for training that teaches you exactly what you need to do to sell homes specifically right here in Northern Utah? I invite you to subscribe to our free real estate agent training newsletter. Every two weeks, we publish helpful tips for you which includes:

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Our goal is to give you a taste of the training we provide if you have any interest in working with us in the future. We have no intention of recruiting you - that’s a conversation with us when you are ready, if at all.

We’ve been fortunate to sell 200 homes last year and our average agent earns $60,000 a year with us. The same training they get will help you do it as well. So, if you’re interested in knowing what we’re up to here, and you’d like to stay current on the latest strategies to:

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Most importantly, everything you receive is designed to start a conversation. So, if you have any questions about selling real estate you can email me at I’ll first answer your question by email, and if I think it would be of benefit to more people, I’ll answer it in a video.

We look forward to staying in touch. Let’s raise the standard and training of all real estate agents in Northern Utah.