Let's Talk About Lead Generation, Follow Up, and Conversion


It's what everyone wants to talk about these days—where is my next lead coming from? How can I generate more high-quality leads? 

After all, the more quality leads you have, the more opportunities you'll have to win clients and close deals (assuming you have the right processes to follow-up and track those opportunities). 


Lead generation is such a huge part of any team that some agents see it as the main (or only) benefit of joining one. On my team, we provide five critical types of support/systems. Lead generation is certainly a key part of that and our tactics are always a hot topic.

Pretty self explanatory, but no team will succeed without effective lead generation.

So here's the deal: I've been able to consistently generate about 500 leads each month on my team, creating excellent opportunities for everyone on my team.

I'll give you half of my secret today, and the other half you can learn by attending one of my free clinics where I'll break down my business with you. 

Systems for Lead Generation


It's important to have a healthy mix of lead sources. We break this down into three categories:

  • Sphere of Influence. Plenty on this in another blog here. SOI=ROI is what we always say. Over half of our business is created via referrals and sphere of influence, despite this being roughly a third of our generated leads. Why? These are the best leads.
  • Prospecting. For me, this has been about empowering my team with the right technology mix (Mojo/Vulcan 7), and coaching them through the process. The best agents live by the phone, and the agents who fail avoid them like the plague. I've found it's helpful to break down their goals in terms of how many contacts they'll need to hit them, and this requires that you study each agent's conversion ratios.
  • Boomtown/Internet Generated. This is where a lot of the leads that I pass on to my team are generated, and we use a mix of technology to make it happen. 

Following Up

It's not as simple as having leads fill out a form on your website. Ever seen this infographic of the buyers journey from Market Leader? Check it out below.



Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 12.34.34 AM.png

Your processes for lead capture and follow up should mirror this buyers journey. That's what we've done with a system to qualify, nurture, and watch leads. 

Come to one of my clinics to learn all about it. I'll see you there!

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