How We're Going to Crush It With Listings in August

We've got big plans for this month. 

It all started on August 1st when we kicked everything off with our Win With Sellers training and LIVE listing contest. Everything revolved around the need to bolster our listings inventory as we start to approach the slower, winter months.

Our strategy depends on one fundamental of growing a real estate business: KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. 

You've got to understand what's going on in your business in order to grow it. That's why we've partnered with Sisu for this month's listings contest. They have a platform that tracks all your key metrics in real-time and displays them on sleek dashboards or leaderboards. 

Once we know our numbers, there's a handful of key metrics that we're looking at to improve our listing inventory:

  • Conversion ratios are critical. How many contacts does it take you to set one listing appointment? How many of those appointments are you converting? These will tell you if you're working efficiently.
  • Lead sources.  Knowing the sources of past leads can tell you a lot about future leads. Mastering a few key lead sources is great, but it's important to not discount others. A greater sphere of influence means you'll be more top of mind with your potential market—and see a greater ROI on all your efforts. 
  • Break down your pipeline. Some teams use a whiteboard to list their hot leads and clients. We manage it all in Sisu so that we can break it down at any time—and find out what the total commission from those deals will be, as well as each individual agent's in-pocket commission.

Equally as important is staying motivated. It doesn't matter what you know if you aren't staying motivated to go out there and do it. 

That's where friendly competition comes in. We like to gamify the entire experience and push each other to do our very best. Whenever someone closes a deal, sets an appointment, puts a client under contract, etc. we love to celebrate it. We have an entire chat channel dedicated to this and encourage all agents to celebrate their success there. 

So, in short: Know your numbers. Keep things fun. Celebrate success.  That's our formula for getting more listings. 


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