Congrats! You've got an Internet lead! Now what?

Over 125 million real estate leads are registered each year and the online arena for internet leads gets more and more competitive every year. Here's how we win the internet lead game!


When a lead comes in your email box, follow up within 5 minutes!Agents who follow up with a lead within 5 minutes are 400% more likely to capture the business. Real estate is emotional, so it's always better to catch them in the moment.


If your initial contact in unanswered, follow up with them 2 times that same day- a phone call and text. After the first day, if your calls are unanswered try to touch base with them several times over the next two weeks. 


Remember, most internet leads do not close on a transaction for 6 months. Make sure you have a system in place to track your leads and set reminders for consistent contact.  

Remember this formula- Speed to the lead + consistent follow up = Success!

amber spencer