My Big Announcement.


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You’ll receive answers to questions about how to grow a rewarding real estate career that's specific to what works locally in the Northern Utah market. You’ll also get a team member interview once a month so you can learn what they are doing to sell homes.

If you’re interested in selling real estate, or you want to improve your current real estate career, here’s what I recommend: 

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  4. Finally, if you’re currently in real estate, or you’re thinking about getting into the business, we are hiring! You can work with us in our office to help buyers and sellers in our community. You can learn about what it’s like to work with us HERE

If you have any questions, I’m here. Email me at or call me at (801)745-0745.



Spring Bengtzen



P.S. My first Q&A video on the topic of  BUYER PRESENTATIONS is up! You can go to our new agent training website and watch it to see what you’ll get before you subscribe.

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